There are many weighted blankets available in the market today. You can have a luxurious bespoke option, or the affordable options that are about online. One of them is the Hypnoser weighted blanket. Since it has a lower price point, you usually will not have high expectations from it, but this blanket wants to break out from the stereotype. Let’s see how it fare with its competition in this review.

Specifications Of The Hypnoser Weighted Blanket

Hypnoser weighted blanket is available online and seems to be manufactured overseas from China. It is very affordable and has less warranty on the product.

  • Weight – there is an excellent range of weights for this brand, from 15 to 30 lbs. The latter is quite unusual and are available as a bespoke option for some.
  • Size – there three core sizes available to choose from 48”X78”, 60”X80” and 80”x87”.
  • Even non-leaking technology – a computer programmed sewing that made the diamond packets to contain the pellets.
  • 100% cotton fabric material with a separate removal duvet for easy washing.
  • Glass beads make sure that the desired weight distribution is achieved.

Hypnoser Blanket Features

The outer material of this weighted blanket is made from cotton, providing maximum comfort. It is breathable, comfortable and durable. The cover is not removable, but you can buy a duvet separately. Since the size is not the same as a regular mattress, it can be a little tricky. You have four colors to choose from: black, navy blue, grey and printed blue.

The inside is filled with more cotton, which is good. The glass beads are encased in diamond quilting which has far greater weight distribution and is quieter. Plus, it is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. The downside with this is you cannot dry it in a machine, and the only applicable method is air drying. You will have three core sizes to choose from and different weight options for each size. It can accommodate a wide range of weights and even has 30 pounds which is a unique option.

Its price range is decent for the range of choices it offers and considering that it has glass beads inside instead of plastic pellets, it is already a good deal. The standard warranty is minimal though at one year only, and that is for the cover alone.

What I Like
  • Made from sturdy and breathable fabric which is cotton
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Glass beads are an added luxury, it is quiet and has even weight distribution
  • it easily adapts to the contours of the body
  • Full range of size and weight options
What I Didn’t Like
  • Limited warranty period



This is a good blanket considering its price. The material choice is right, it is comfortable, and the range of possibility satisfies even the heavyweights. The use of glass beads also adds a luxurious feel to the blanket without making any noise when you move. The only drawback for this blanket is the warranty.