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Over the last couple of years, weighted blankets have become so popular among many people. Most of these weighted blankets are either filled with glass or plastic beads which give them a heavier more weight as compared to other types of blankets.

If you are looking for an ideal sleep companion, then look no further, the YnM Weighted blanket will help you have a faster and better sleep. Having put years of research and application, the company came up with a blanket that took into consideration their customers’ feedbacks and reviews. Here is the YnM weighted blanket review. Also, remember to take a look at the homepage for an easier overall review!

Specifications of the YnM Blanket

  • Weight – having considered the different weights and ages of their customers, the company manufactures the blanket with different weights to choose from 5, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22, and 25 lbs.
  • Size – 15lb blanket is 48″x72″ and the 20 lbs. is 60”x80”
  • Breathable fabric –lightweight fabric used allows for easy breathing under the blanket
  • Has inner pockets – inner pockets help in the even distribution and adaptation of the weighted blanket on the body
  • 100% cotton – this is ideal for body temperature control
  • Employs a glass bead technology – the use of glass beads ensures the therapeutic functions of the blanket are achieved.

YnM Blanket Features

Affordability – YnM weighted blanket is one of the most affordable weighted blankets in the market

Therapeutic functions – the blanket offers an amazing sleep therapy to many who face a number of issues such as; autism, insomnia, bodily pains, and anxiety.

Soft texture – Maximum softness is ensured as the beads do not bulge through, especially when this is a major concern from thinner models.

Even distribution of weight – the weight is evenly distributed across all parts of the blanket. It can also easily mold around the sleeper’s body

Breathable fabric – The weighted part of the blanket is 100% breathable hence allowing you to have a perfect night of sleep

What I Like
  • They have a soft texture
  • Extra comfort
  • Easily adapts to the body size and shape
  • 7 layers of weighted blanket with beads that ensure no noise is made or any movements
  • Less fiber makes it easier for the control of body temperature
  • Different sizes and weights to choose from
  • Has a breathable fabric
  • They are easy to clean – Cleaning is easy as the weighted blanket can be easily cleaned using machines
  • They are 100% cotton
  • They are also odorless, hypo-allergenic, and non-toxic
  • They come with 3-year warranty
What I Didn’t Like
  • Seams are easily ripped
  • Can retain some heat hence temperature control might be an issue



The YnM weighted blanket is a suitable option for all. The availability of different weights (5 to 25 lbs.) provides for the needs of people of all ages. The weighted inserts help keep the contents evenly distributed while the inner pockets adapt and conform to the sleeper’s body.

The YnM weighted blanket is very much affordable and has value for your money and you will end up never regret getting it. The YnM has a full satisfaction guarantee backed by a three – year warranty. This gives you an assurance that this product is quality and certified for use.